Ask about Our Healthy Lemon Shots in Washington, DC

Add an Extra Boost to Your Smoothie

While the smoothies at Kwench Juice Bar are packed with fruits and vegetables, there's always room for a little more nutrition. If you want to give your smoothie a boost, try our healthy lemon shots, beneficial ginger shots or nutritious turmeric shots. Of course, you can also enjoy these on their own.

We'll even create your shot in front of you, so you know it's fresh. Reach out to our Washington, DC location to learn more about our healthy shots.

Which shot is right for you?

Each of our shots has different health benefits. Keep reading to see which you should try:

  • Lemon - may aid in weight loss and help you achieve clearer skin
  • Turmeric - turmeric is a great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger - may enhance immune function and improve your heart health

When life gives you lemons (or turmeric or ginger), add them to your smoothie! Visit our shop today to get a smoothie with a healthy lemon shot or beneficial ginger shot.

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